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Cattle Fair Dargai (Terms & Conditions)
Cattle Fair Dargai is in vogue since defunct District Council Malakand. It has been handed over to TMA Dargai on its establishment in August 2001. The Cattle Fair Dargai is one of the largest Cattle Market especially for goats and sheep in the Province and the largest source of revenue of TMA Dargai. For holding of cattle fair Land Measuring 24 Kanal, situated on main NHA Road near MAlakand Public School and College Dargai as well as Kot Road Dargai has been rented where all the necessary arrangement for holding of cattle Fair are available. Beside Cattle Market stall for sale of various items i.e. Fruit vegetable etc. are also included with in cattle fair Dargai....[تفصیلات]
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